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Wii games are fun ways to get the party moving

When it comes to video games, perhaps nothing is as unique as the Wii gaming system. Wii hardware was designed to give you a more interactive experience with realistic play and a get-up-off-the-couch attitude. While many people think the Wii is a system designed just for parties and family gatherings, it is a great system for individuals and groups alike. There are so many Wii games out there that you are bound to find the perfect match for just about anyone.

The Wii is great for people who want to move, and there is a great selection of games to choose from that fit the bill perfectly. The Just Dance series are great games that combine popular music with easy-to-learn dance moves. Just follow along with your controller, and the game tells you what to do. There is a great soundtrack for the guests who don't want to play, and the guests who do play won't have to fear any embarrassment since the dance moves are easy to understand and replicate. If you need something a little more tame for your group gathering, then Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort are great options. These games replicate everyday sports and recreational activities that you already know how to do. You can swing a golf club or paddle a kayak; there are no new moves to learn at all. Likewise, the ever-popular Mario Kart allows you to battle your friends in the realm of driving skills. Granted, there are a few curveballs thrown into the mix. Instead of being a straightforward driving game, MarioKart gives you the opportunity to throw ink and bananas at your unsuspecting fellow drivers, challenging them to play and drive with a little more motivation.

If you prefer individual play, the Wii can help you there, too. Many of your favorite game franchises, including first-person shooter games, are available for the Wii. While the remote looks a little different from other consoles, it is still easy to activate all of the actions you need to get through each level. Likewise, some individual role playing games have been invented just for the Wii's innovative system. Games such as Epic Mickey and Skylanders take advantage of the Wii's unique game play options to give you a totally different gaming experience.

Many of your handheld favorite Nintendo 3DS games are also available on the Wii, which means that you can enjoy your gaming on the big screen. Likewise, you can find many favorite PlayStation and Xbox games in Wii format as well. While some games are exclusive to each system, there are several that are available across the board, like all of the sports games from FIFA, NBA, NFL and MLB. Whether you want a game that will make the holiday gatherings more exciting or a game that will help you unwind after a long day at the office, Sears is here to help. Check out a wide variety of Wii games that will suit the needs of the avid fanatic or the weekend gamer.


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