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Get moving with a Wii

Of all the gaming consoles on the market today, the Wii is most famous for its unique controller design and ground-breaking motion sensor technology. With the Wii, gaming becomes a whole-body physical experience instead of a boring afternoon on the couch. Adults and children alike love playing innovative games that put them right into the middle of the action. Whether you are looking for a video game system to keep the kids occupied on rainy days, or you want a fun new way to get fit, a Wii may be the perfect gaming console for you. The Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo 3DS experimented with a newer, sleeker style for gaming systems, and the user interface on the 3DS emulates the Wii's easy to use interface. With so many devices boasting similarities, it is no wonder that users can hop easily from one to the other.

Wii remotes look more like television remotes than traditional game controllers. However, these controllers allow for more innovative moves. Wii remotes feature motion sensor technology and gyroscopes that let the actions on the screen mimic your actions in real life. You can swing a tennis racket, throw a ball or wield a sword as long as you have a Wii remote in your hand. Additionally, the remote can be turned sideways to emulate a car wheel or handled upright to mimic a canoe paddle. The newest generation of the Wii, the Wii U, adds a handheld platform that can also read the actions of your Wii remote for yet another dimension of play.

All Wii controllers are wireless, and the Wii also features wireless connectivity to the internet as well. You can connect to other gamers for chatting and game sharing or you can go shopping in the Nintendo store. The Wii also allows you to download popular applications like Netflix, so you can stream movies right from your gaming console. The Wii also takes care of downloading updates even when in standby mode, so that you don't have to wait for updates to install before you play your games. Additionally, the Wii allows you to customize game play with your very own Wii character, which is nice if you want an individualized feel to your gaming experience.

The original Wii consoles were backwards compatible with Nintendo GameCube discs, but newer Wii consoles and the Wii U are not backwards compatible. If you really want to play an old GameCube game, you may be able to find a downloadable version in the online store. Some wildly popular games are also available as Wii discs as well. You can also find a great selection of Wii games for grownups and children alike, so you don't have to worry too much about missing those older-generation games. The new games take full advantage of the Wii's technology. While many franchises and game series have adapted to the new technology, some of the best games for the Wii are the ones that are specifically made for the Wii. Wii Sports and Wii Sports resort are two great games that have been traditionally packaged with the Wii in the past

Whether you are looking for a gaming console that will bring the family together on Friday night or help you shed a few pounds in the coming months, a Wii is a great choice. Start your hunt for Wii items at Sears, where you will find consoles, accessories and games at a great price you will love. Stop by to browse a selection of games that will get you and your family up and moving in no time at all.