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Xbox 360

Xbox Gaming for Home or Online

With an Xbox 360, you can play hundreds of popular game titles that provide hours of entertainment. At Sears, you have access to Xbox 360 bundles that include games and accessories to increase your gaming experience. Choose a bundle with the new Xbox Kinect system to interact with your video games without the need of an external controller.

Shop from hundreds of  Xbox 360 games such as "Call of Duty," "Alan Wake" and "Assassins Creed II." You can choose new sports titles such as "Madden 12," or select a game for the entire family such as Disney's "Meet the Robinsons." Rather than use the controller, use your body to play games such as "Dance Central 2" and "Kinectimals.

If you like playing games online that involve group action, then using Xbox 360 headphones can keep you in touch with your friends. When playing "Call of Duty," let your teammates know where you are on the battlefield, and rally your troops to victory over the competition.

Hours of gameplay can overheat your Xbox 360; this often results in laggy performance and can have detrimental effects on the system. Protect your console with an Xbox 360 cooling fan. With an eForCity or CTA cooling fan, you can direct air away from the console, which brings it to a cooler temperature. The cooling fan is powered by the USB port on the console, which means that there is no need for an AC adapter. The on/off switch lets you use the cooler only when you need it.

Learn what an Xbox 360 is and how it can revolutionize your gaming experience. Shop Sears for affordable Xbox 360 bundles, games and other accessories to enhance your entertainment center.