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      Create the ultimate home theater for your movies

      Watch your moves like never before when you invest in a home theater from Sears. We have a full selection of home theater and audio accessories from Blu-ray players to speaker stands. We even have bookshelf audio systems and sound bars to amplify the audio, and you can find speaker stands for supporting your surround sound speakers in the room. Whether you need a Sony compact DVD player or a Panasonic 60-inch HDTV, we have everything you need to set up your own home theater.

      The home theater setup starts with an HDTV. Improve it even more with a Bose Cinemate Series II digital speaker system. For smaller home theaters, a Samsung AudioBar with a wireless subwoofer provides the audio levels you need to enjoy your movies. To create a home theater, you need a stereo receiver and either a DVD player or a Blu-ray player. Since DVD players act as output devices, you have to route the DVD player's audio channel into the stereo receiver. You also need to route the video into the stereo receiver and then route the stereo receiver's video channel into the HDTV to complete the setup.

      The same routing sequence applies to a Blu-ray player when connecting the components in your home theater. Whether you choose a DVD player or a Blu-ray player depends on the quality you want from your movies. If you use a standard-definition television, then a DVD player works best since the TV does not support 720p or 1080p resolutions. With an HDTV, you want a Blu-ray player as it supports both resolutions and the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. From Sony to Samsung, we have DVD players and Blu-ray players to complement the television in your home theater.

      Once you have your home theater system in place, you need to fill the entertainment center with DVDs or various Blu-ray movies to get the most out of your setup. In addition to watching movies on your home theater system, we have karaoke machines and turntables that plug into your stereo receivers. Make Wednesday night family movie time, but invite your friends over on Friday night for a karaoke jam. Whether you need a component CD player or a new movie to add to your collection, you can find the home theater and audio equipment you want for your entertainment system.

      Build your own home theater with a stereo receiver and a surround sound system. DVD players work best for SDTVs, but you can play various Blu-ray movies and DVDs on a single Blu-ray player. Learn more about creating your own home theater when you shop the Sears' online inventory.



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