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Amuse yourself with video streaming devices

There are tons of entertaining content out there, but watching it on your computer can be a hassle. Small screens and pop-up ads often ruin the experience of enjoying media. Sears makes it easy to watch what you want whenever and wherever you want to see it. A video streaming devices finder can be used to get equipment that lets you master your content. There are many uses for video streaming devices, including watching online movies and videos. Why miss your favorite weekly podcasts or weekly YouTube uploads when you can check them out from anywhere in the house? Install our RCA Streaming Media Player to enjoy high-quality 1080p output no matter what you like watching. This compact box connects right to your HDTV, and it plugs into your Ethernet or wirelessly picks up a Wi-Fi signal to join your network devices. You get to cut down on cables, and because this media player has its own analog AV outputs that you can plug into an older TV or one of our DVD recorders, you don't have to miss a minute of the online action.

You don't have to limit yourself to watching other people's web content either. Start your own Let's Play-style video game review show with our awesome Diamond GC500 USB 2.0 HD Game Console Video Capture Device. Take screenshots and video from your PS3, Xbox 360 or any other device, and upload examples of your skills and play-by-play commentary to the web. These handy boxes don't delay your signal at all, and they connect straight to your computer via a regular USB port, so they're easy to set up and get working. You can also use them to stream signals from a compatible video source, like one of our satellite TV systems.

Remember to protect all that gear. Those DVRs, bookshelf audio systems and gaming consoles were expensive, so guard them well with one of our Security Labs SLD266 16-Channel streaming devices. Use these powerhouses to connect multiple security cameras and record hours of footage with the included 500 GB hard drive. Stream your signals to any computer, or set up automatic email notifications when your motion detectors pick up something strange outside.

Modern streaming technology has numerous advantages over older systems. You can adjust the TV aspect ratio to view older content the way it was meant to be seen. Watch instructional videos and cooking programs right from your garage workshop or kitchen. Shop with the Sears video streaming devices finder today, and transform your media experience into painless entertainment.

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