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      Display your speakers with bookshelf audio systems

      If you prefer to have your speakers out of the way, then consider bookshelf audio systems from Sears. We carry a full lineup of bookshelf systems with SRS TheaterSound and 2-channel stereo sound quality. Some of our shelf systems include iPod docks, and you can find mini hi-fi sound systems that take up minimal space on your bookshelf. We also have the Sonon multiroom music system, which features a full-color touchscreen and access to Pandora radio and iTunes. You can find a turntable or a Bluetooth-enabled stereo at Sears.

      Bookshelf audio systems do not limit you to music alone. We have TV karaoke audio systems that fit conveniently on your bookshelf, and they feature music and video players in one. You can even find the Supersonic micro stereo system, which features a CD player, an MP3 player dock and an AM-FM radio. Many of our bookshelf audio systems and karaoke players come with remotes for controlling the volume level or changing the song at a distance. From iHome digital clock radios to iLuv mobile speaker docks, a bookshelf system that fits perfectly in your room can be found.

      Some of our bookshelf audio systems have brackets for use with home theater speaker stands, so you can mount the speakers separately from the system. Our Sharp shelf system features dual two-way speakers that deliver sound throughout the room, but you can mount them on Kanto speaker stands if you want to provide more space between the left and right speakers. We also have portable speaker stands that double as docks for your smartphones for when you are listening to music aloud in your room.

      Whether you have an HDTV or a standard-definition television, you can use your bookshelf audio systems as alternatives to home theater speakers. Since most bookshelf systems have RCA input and output ports, you can connect your television to the system and boost your audio. The RCA 5-disc audio system works well with its audio-video input for connecting TVs and DVD players. It also features separate audio inputs for connecting your MP3 player to the system. We have dedicated home theater systems that include subwoofers and sound bars for improving the sound quality of your TV shows and movies.

      Listen to your music on a hi-fi bookshelf audio system, and invest in a TV karaoke player to listen to music and sing along to your favorite songs. Use home theater speaker stands to arrange your bookshelf speakers around the TV, or opt for home theater speakers for a true surround-sound experience. Visit Sears online and at the store for the best selection of name-brand electronics and home theater accessories.


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