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      Get the most out of your music with a stereo system

      Whether you want a combination vinyl/CD player or one that can play MP3s, you can find a stereo system built for you. Wireless home stereo systems allow you to place additional speakers around the room and evenly distribute sound without the clutter of extra wires. Sears carries a great selection of top-of-the-line home stereo systems to bring all your music in any format to life. Combo stereos can play records, CDs and even cassette tapes. Find one that will play any song, old or new.

      If you're in a small apartment or dorm room, a shelf stereo system is the perfect compact option for these smaller spaces. Bookshelf systems can be easily stored out of the way, without losing any sound quality or volume. These are the perfect middle-ground between a full-size stereo and portable speakers. Wireless home stereos are also a good option when space is limited. You can move the speakers freely and customize the sound output to better fill the room.

      No matter what kind of music you prefer Sears has a stereo system to play it. There are units that combine a turntable, CD changer and cassette player, so you can play all your old favorites. With the right home stereo, all your favorite tunes can fill your house.


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