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      Listen to your music with component CD players

      If you want to listen to the radio and your CD collection, then check out component CD players from Sears. We have component CD players from TEAC and Pioneer with single-disc and 5-disc changers. Many of our CD players feature remotes for adjusting the volume level or changing the track at a distance. In addition to music systems with playing CDs and the radio, there are Jensen music systems with iPod docks, and you can find Naxa portable players with LCD displays and TV tuners for listening to CDs or watching shows.

      When creating a home theater system, accessorize your entertainment center with 5-disc CD changers and VCR-DVD combos. You do not always have to stay in your home theater room to enjoy a DVD movie. Our Naxa portable audio-video player features a DVD tray and a 7-inch widescreen display for watching your movies on the go. We also have the handheld GPX 2.8-inch digital audio-video player that fits conveniently in your pockets. It has an 8GB storage drive and supports MP4 video playback. You can find carousel CD changers and single-disc portable CD players.

      Some of our component CD players have ports for connecting external electronics like TVs and MP3 players. To incorporate your CD player into your home theater system, consider audio receivers with line inputs that accept your particular CD player. An audio receiver does what its name implies; it receives an audio signal from an external device, and then you can route that signal to the speakers. If your CD player has speakers and a line input, then you can route your television audio signal into the player for a significant sound boost.

      Connecting electronics to your component CD players requires additional wires and specialty audio accessories. You need extension speaker cable if you want to increase the distance between your stereo speakers. Listen to your music in private with earbuds for your portable CD player, and invest in a line-in cable to connect your iPod to your music player. We also have Waltzmart AV switchers for your audio receivers and Pioneer disc magazines for storing and organizing your CDs by artist or genre. From pocket MP3 players to Coby stereo systems, find the accessories to enhance your music player.

      Listen to countless hours of music with a carousel component CD player, and invest in a VCR-DVD combo for your entertainment center. Route your electronics through audio receivers and improve your CD player with disc trays and other useful audio accessories. Browse the Sears online inventory for even more name-brand home theater electronics and CD player accessories.


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