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Enjoy home theater DVD players from Sears

Enjoyment of impressive home theatre entertainment begins with your selection of home theater DVD players or recorders. These are the heart of your audio/video systems; they present clearer images and better sound reproduction than VHS tapes ever could. Sears has many high-quality DVD players and recorders from manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and Magnavox. With this new digital equipment, you can take advantage of the full capabilities of your high-tech televisions. Get sharp resolution that looks like high definition reproduction. The newest DVDs are scanned to present images with better stability and clarity than ever before. Incorporate Blu-ray player technology into your home theatre entertainment system with our DVD and 3D players for a truly amazing experience. Come in now to see what an amazing home entertainment system would be like in your home. We have the next-generation Blu-ray players and recorders and VHS equipment at everyday low prices for you at Sears.

Another critical part of any home theatre system is your component CD player. Sears has various styles of these, including portables and 5-CD carousel changers. Some also have an MP3 playback function so that you can enjoy your personal list of recorded music favorites. Our durable component CD players are made by companies you know and trust, like Pioneer, TEAC and RCA. If you get a portable player, use it at home with your home theater entertainment system and then take it along when you travel. For privacy, use Coby or Sony headphones with component CD players. We have many to choose from, all priced low to fit every budget.

Once you set up a home theater system, you might wonder how you ever got along without one before. Our home theater systems greatly improve the quality of all your DVDs, CDs and other devices. Get full movie theatre sound and video reproduction in your own entertainment room. Components are affordable, so you can enjoy high-quality cinema experiences without leaving home or buying expensive tickets for everyone. We carry name-brand products from Bose and Samsung, with optional Internet connectivity. Enjoy high-quality audio from your 3D movies when you have our Samsung 1,000-watt 3D home theater system. Team up your audio system with a Sony Bravia HD LCD TV, and you can have a realistic cinema experience at home. Keep the family at home and satisfied with hours of excellent home theatre, television and music entertainment.

Have fun arranging your home recreation or family room around your Sears home theatre entertainment system. Your family will stay close by when you have home theatre DVD players, CD players and high definition televisions or a home video screen ready to create a cinema experience. Save with Sears components that are priced low enough that you can afford many options to complete your systems. Shop at Sears and find the best bargains around. Get your audio and video equipment delivered, or come to your nearest Sears to use our pickup service option.


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