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      Antennas have changed quite a bit since the early rabbit ear versions that had to be constantly adjusted. Some TV audio antennas are still made of wires attached to a sturdy base, but the newer models of these audio/visual staples that pick up your favorite digital channels in high definition are sleeker and often box-shaped. We carry all the antenna you need from top brands including RCA and AntennaCraft. Complete your home entertainment system with a flat screen television, Blu-ray player and home theater speakers available at Sears.

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      Watch more with TV audio antennas

      Antennas have come a long way since the old rabbit ears of yesteryear. Better engineering design and more precise video feeds mean that you can pick up an extremely high-resolution signal for free out of thin air. The Sears TV audio antennas finder lets you watch your favorite programming and listen to great tunes without paying for pricey subscription services. Enjoy more modern content the old-fashioned way.

      Today's TV audio antennas aren't ugly like they used to be. Minimize your installation so that it doesn't detract from your exterior decor by installing an RCA Ant800 Amplified Outdoor Antenna. This unit supports all digital and analog TV frequencies right out of the box, so you don't have to worry about complicated tuning or setup procedures. This antenna even receives 1080i signals, so you can enjoy your shows in high-definition. To make things even simpler, connect the video feed to one of the many video streaming devices that we also carry. You'll be able to watch your shows from anywhere, even your laptop or net-connected tablet.

      Complete the wireless trend by reducing the amount of cables lying around the rest of your house. Install our Bluetooth-enabled audio receivers to an antenna like our AntennaCraft MXU59 UHF/HDTV model. These units are perfect for Extreme Deep Fringe areas where you can't get any other signal. They save you super expensive cable install fees, and they're easy to mount. You can also improve your cellphone reception in these remote locations by using our Wireless Extenders Directional Signal Antennas indoors or outside.

      Snap one of our Sirius-XM_Browing BR-X-10 or Mobilespec MSTRSAT Universal satellite antennas onto your truck or car mirror to take your music stations and favorite podcasts with you on the road. Many modern satellite antennas our like compact VuQube VQ1000 are designed for portability, so they're perfect for vacations and long hikes. Make sure you've got all the bits and pieces you'll need to connect your new equipment together by browsing through our home theater speaker stands, HDMI connectors and antenna roof mounts.

      Whether you can't bear to miss your cherished shows or you'd just like to listen to what's going on in the world, we make it simple to find the equipment you need. Visit the Sears TV audio antennas search page today, and enjoy your well-connected existence without being tied down by a lot of wiring.


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