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      Specialty Audio Accessories

      Sears has all specialty audio accessories ranging from portable speaker systems to audio selector switches. Bring your music with you and keep it wireless with a Bluetooth audio receiver for your car. Get new needles, amplifiers, dust covers and isolation cones for your old or new turntables, or get a case to hold your vinyls in. The specialty audio accessories in our selection are here to make your life easier and make handling your audio more convenient.

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      Improve your sound systems with specialty audio accessories

      Improve your sound systems from amateur to professional by adding specialty audio accessories. There is no need to settle for ordinary when you can get affordable accessory components from Sears to boost your audio capabilities into new dimensions. Start with a Monoprice Bluetooth? Wireless Headset and stereo earphone to listen to music from your phone. For more comfort, get the Sennheiser RS 180 Digital Wireless Headphone System with soft padded earphones. Expand your computer sound system by adding auxiliary speakers or a dual cassette deck and amplifier. We have sound system parts, including high speed HDMI cable, turntable belts and replacement needles for your turntables. For presentations, get a Pyle PDWM100 Wireless/Wired Microphone System and one of our large Draper HDTV format flexible portable matte white screens. Improve your television audio reception by adding new TV audio antennas. We have many styles for indoor or outdoor use; antennas are essential for capturing distant or weak video and audio signals.

      Use our bookshelf audio systems in several rooms around your home to always have excellent audio reproduction available. Music works wonders for setting a mood, and our audio equipment makes filling any room with your favorite sounds possible. Sears has small entertainment systems that will fit on your bookshelf but still be large in output. Use a Phillips Docking Entertainment System for iPhones and iPods to replay your favorite tunes or other audio messages. Sonos offers wireless control of their multi-room music system. We have an RCA stereo system with Bluetooth and many bookshelf audio systems that play cassettes, MP3/CDs and more. Stock your recreation room with a multimedia surround sound system for movie theater sound reproduction at home. Take along a Boss Marine Boat Stereo and Speaker Combo the next time you head for the lake; the fish will not mind your music at all! There are many ways to use our sound systems and accessories. Come on down and take a listen at Sears.

      One of the most important components in any sound system is the microphone. Your microphones are the main input source for voice, music or ambient location sound. We have hundreds of microphones at Sears, all ready to capture sound for you. Get a Philips Plug-in Microphone when you need to use a digital voice recorder. For your studio audio reproduction, use our MXL V88 Studio Condenser Mic to capture voice or instrumentals. Double up with two of these for precise stereo recordings, and use up to five to create your own surround sound recording. You can use unidirectional microphones or omnidirectional microphones for different purposes, such as recording singing or when you want to record a seminar presentation. We also have microphone stands and other accessories to complete your audio system.

      Think of all the ways good sound reproduction is important in our daily lives and how you can use our specialty audio accessories to enhance your lifestyle. Start with a small set of external speakers for your cell phone. Fill your home with top quality sound when you have bookshelf audio systems to play back your favorite music. Catch every word at your next seminar meeting with a better microphone from Sears. Get your sound systems delivered by us, or you can drop by the store to pick up your orders.


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