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      Get 360 degree sound with a home theater system

      Watching your favorite movies, shows and sports can be even better with the addition of a home theater system. Placing small speakers around your space will create an immersive listening experience. Sears has speaker stands that will let you hang speakers from the wall or ceiling. That way you can customize the placement for your space. Pick a home theater system that fits the size of your room perfectly and delivers the best experience.

      For small rooms, Sears carries a number of high-quality soundbars to create a virtual surround sound effect. These soundbar systems typically come with a subwoofer to fill out the deeper tones and provide a more complete effect. That way you still hear both the rumble of the crowd and the swell of the score during tense moments. Sears even carries wireless soundbars that can pair easily with your smart TV, reducing the number of wires you need to connect.

      Large spaces will require more speakers to get a complete surround sound effect. With systems up to seven speakers, you'll be able to fill a large living room or home theater with HD sound. Shop at Sears for the best home theater systems, and enjoy surround sound for all your favorite shows.


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