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      Onkyo, Yamaha and Sony are the names of just a few manufacturers that make audio receivers for your home theater system. Sears carries a wide variety of models to fit any need. Look for HD audio format decoding, connectivity for iPhones and anti-vibration heat sinks on the most advanced models. Even the inexpensive models feature at least two input sets and one output set. Add one or more TV audio antennas to your purchase for amplified HDTV digital reception. These antennas feature frequency compatibilities that include UHF, VHF and FM. Since they are unobtrusive, you can easily hide the antennas in your entertainment center.

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      Build your home theater around our audio receivers

      Media experiences aren't very exciting without rich, functional audio. Kinked cables and confusing connections make wiring things up a big hassle though. Cut down on the amount of work that goes into entertaining yourself with the Sears audio receivers finder. Create an ideal setup for your personal space, and immerse yourself in quality sound without breaking a sweat.

      Different audio receivers incorporate different sound quality standards. These usually include a number that describes how many speakers you get as well as a Watt rating that describes how much power the receiver can produce. Units with higher ratings generally create better sound in larger spaces. 3D-Surround units like our Sony 7.1 Channel AV Receivers are designed to completely envelop you in the sounds of your favorite movies, video games and TV shows as if you were really there. Plug in your iPod to get better sound than any tiny speakers could deliver, or entertain your friends by letting them experience their favorite records as they were truly meant to be heard. Make sure you pick up one of our home theater DVD players to complete the hi-fi listening experience with high-def video.

      Don't feel like you're limited to simply listening. Create your own hits with our many microphones, and make the kind of music you really want to hear. Use audio receivers like our Avior GWAV8141K4 Wireless HD Kit or our Sherwood RD606I 500-Watt Networking 3D-Ready A/V Receiver to add a touch of professionalism to your work. Learn how your music sounds on different systems to hone in on the best general mix for public release or your professional debut. Audio receivers like these vary in sound quality, so you can get a really good feel for how your personal mixing techniques affect the end result. Our well-balanceddevices also make it easier to pinpoint problems along the way.

      You can still stay completely true to your audiophile roots with modern equipment. Use our turntables to connect directly to your stereo or computer sound card, and you can turn all of your old vinyl into sweet sounding MP3s that you can take with you on the go. Use our Technical Pro 1000-Watt Receiver to get the warm mix you crave without ever having to open up a single piece of complicated audio mixing software. Connect one of the many audio outputs or the USB plug directly to your Mac or PC, and you're ready to rip. You can also insert an SD card right into the receiver to record straight to the memory for instant MP3s or sudden jam sessions.

      Do more with your audio, and enjoy it to a much greater extent. Connect all your sound and video devices to a central hub that lets you choose exactly how you want things to sound. Shop for audio receivers today at Sears.


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