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Create impressive listening experiences with home theater speakers

Create realistic movie theater sound at home with home theater speakers from Sears. We have complete systems from quality manufacturers like Klipsch, Samsung and JBL. Imitate a real movie theater experience when you transform your entertainment center with this equipment.

We have countless speakers for audio and home theater systems that can bring you the highest quality sound and video entertainment experience. Our complete bundle systems contain all the parts you need to create your system; all you have to do is decide where you want to have this amazing sound experience. In addition to home theater systems, Sears has accessories you need to complete your cinema setting, like our pull down screens made by Elitescreens. Add DVD players or Blu-ray players to your home theater system and get ready for an affordable full cinematic experience at home.

Receivers are an integral part of your home theater system. Creating the best audio output starts when your audio receivers get signals from multiple sources. Signals from televisions, CD players, DVD players and other devices are routed through the receiver. The audio receivers amplify those signals and reroute them to your speaker system or TV screen. They are a necessity when you want to use multiple audio devices with one set of speakers. We carry many receivers made by reliable manufacturers like Sony, Yamaha and others. Receivers can handle several signals at one time from different components, usually between five and eight external sources. Connect those signal sources to your receiver via patch cords and the receiver jacks. Digital signals always give you the highest quality sound and video reproduction. When you want to create the ultimate home theater sound and video system, start by shopping for quality audio receivers, speakers and other compatible components at Sears.

Protect your new home theater speakers and other electronic equipment by using surge protectors. Our home theater surge suppressors stop damage that can occur due to electrical voltage fluctuations. If your power goes out and then comes back on, there could be a surge of higher voltage that could damage sensitive audio and video equipment. Most units feature multiple outlets to accept your equipment power cords, and they have a single power switch and indicator light for convenient operation. All equipment is plugged into the home theater surge suppressors, each with a single power cord. If there is a voltage surge, the suppressor shuts down all connected devices before damage can occur. Use surge suppressors for all your home electronics, including home theater, computers, modems and your stereo and video systems. Protect everything with surge suppressors and bring out the popcorn!

It is fun for everyone when you add home theater speakers to your entertainment room to enhance and create realistic home theater systems. We have all the component parts and accessories you need to set up your home audio/video center. Use top-quality audio receivers and other digital components from Sears to get the best quality reproduction at home or in your office. We will deliver everything to your location, or you may pick up your orders at the store.


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