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Having rock-hard abs is about more than how they look; a strong core improves your overall health. Sears is here to help you whip yours into shape with a selection of ab training equipment designed for all types of workouts. Whether you want equipment that smooths your core into shape or you're looking for options that maximize your ab potential with intense training, we have it. Once your workout is over, have fun and relax with any of our martial arts movies. You may find yourself comparing your abs to the martial arts masters on your screen.

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Martial arts movies inspire you to get up and work out

When you lack the motivation to get up and get moving, Sears has a selection of martial arts movies that entertain and excite. We carry a range of martial arts DVDs and training videos depending on whether you want to pass the time or learn defense. Watch some of the best kung-fu action with Lau Kar-Leung in "Drunken Monkey," and learn proper offensive and defensive moves with Paul Vunak's "Rapid Assault Tactics." From watching "Cage Fights" to learning basic karate moves, you can find exciting martial arts DVDs at Sears.

Whether you train as a beginner or a pro, weight training aids come in handy for developing your strength, endurance and stamina. Add more resistance to your workout with Black Mountain resistance bands, and add up to 1,500 pounds of weights on the Troy power bar. Place a gym mat beneath your feet to cushion your step when exercising, and tone your abs even more with an Ab Rocket Twister abdominal trainer. We also have Weider hand grips to improve the strength in your hands and forearms.

Getting in shape takes time and effort, but you also need the proper weight training equipment to get you started. From Weider dumbbells to Troy weight plates, you have what you need for standing arm curl exercises or squats. Start off with a few dumbbells and a Best Fitness FID bench for performing seated and flat dumbbell presses. Weider Pro home gyms have leg curl attachments, curl stations and other extensions for more advanced exercises. You have access to kettlebells and NordicTrack medicine balls for improving your strength in every muscle group.

Sometimes you need assistance and guidance in your training. If you lack a gym membership, then invest in workout DVDs to follow a fitness program at home. Lose more weight, and increase your strength in just eight weeks with the RushFit ultimate home training program. We have Icon Health & Fitness DVDs that contain hundreds of exercises that work your legs, arms and core muscles. Calm your mind, and improve your flexibility with "Keeping Fit" yoga DVDs. You can also find Better Body Basics workout DVDs for beginner training and an Aylio's "101 Strength Training Exercises" DVD to perform different routines in every workout.

Learn karate and defense moves with martial arts movies, and use workout DVDs that guide you through an exercise program. Invest in weight training aids to improve your workout, and create a home gym with weight training equipment such as dumbbells and weight benches. Find the most affordable selection of name brand exercise equipment and affordable fitness accessories at Sears.


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