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      Stay on edge with mystery DVDs

      Stay on the edge of your seat when you watch mystery DVDs from Sears. We have a full selection of mystery and suspense movies to add to your home video collection. In addition to mystery movies, we have mystery television DVD sets for catching up on past seasons that you missed. Check out some of the most popular Hollywood suspense movies such as "Memento" and "Open Water 2" in your home theater. Watch a new mystery flick every night of the week when you invest in mystery and suspense DVDs from Sears.

      Some mystery movies, such as "Transporter 3" with Jason Statham, have explosive action scenes that keep you entertained throughout the movie. We have portable and HD upconversion DVD players for your home, so you can watch a mystery film in your living room or on the go. If you have an HDTV, opt for a DVD player with HD upconversion technology, which converts your DVD resolution to near HD quality. We also have Blu-ray players that support DVD playback, so you can enjoy high-quality video whether you want to watch suspense DVDs or Blu-ray action movies.

      The major difference between DVD and Blu-ray comes down to video and audio quality. All Blu-ray movies feature 1080p video resolution, which gives you the clearest images possible when combined with a high-definition television. Even if you have mystery DVDs, your Blu-ray player can upconvert your movies and improve the overall image quality. In order to see the difference with a Blu-ray player, you must use a TV that supports 720p and 1080p resolutions. With an HDTV, you can watch your drama DVDs and mystery films in near cinema-like quality.

      A mystery movie like "Open Water 2" has elements of horror deep within the suspenseful plot. Fill your video cabinet with mystery DVDs and horror DVDs that keep you guessing with each new scene. Treat every night of the week like a new movie night with a mystery movie on Wednesday and a horror movie on Friday. Watch Ashton Kutcher in "The Butterfly Effect" for a little mystery, and keep your closed every minute as you watch "Scary or Die." Whether you enjoy suspense or horror, find a movie that keeps your entire family entertained.

      See if you can catch the killer when you watch mystery DVDs, and turn up the volume to hear the explosions in your Blu-ray action movies. Bury yourself in a complex plot with a drama DVD, and scream for your life when you watch horror movies. Turn to Sears when you want even more movies and electronics to add in your home theater room.


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