Find a Great Selection of Music When You Shop at Sears

Give your children the music they want to hear when you shop from the complete selection of music at Sears. From music CDs that teach and rhyme to the equipment you need for singing karaoke, you can find it all at Sears.

With the PC Treasures Junior Jukebox Series, your child can sing along to his or her favorite songs. Choose from six CDs in each of the five series including "All About Fairy Tales" and "Colorful Shapes" that teach your child using fun, informative songs.

The PC Treasures Junior Jukebox Series IV features six CDs including "Sing-Along Songs" and "Things that Go." Overall, you can choose from 24 different CDs in the series, which are also available in Spanish. Teach your child a classic nursery rhyme, or educate your child on the importance of helping with the "I Can Help" CD.

Select music that you enjoy regardless of the time of day. Choose new releases from Kelly Clarkson and Coldplay, or select country music from George Strait and Brad Paisley.

While your children will love listening to their new CDs, you can also enjoy singing along to your music collection. With a karaoke system, you can throw your own party with your friends and family. Get everyone together to sing his or her favorite songs using a Pyle-Pro VHF wireless 4-microphone system. Because these systems are wireless, you can move freely throughout the room without tripping over a cord. During the holidays, you can choose from a collection of holiday music to sing along with at the Christmas party.

Choose music that helps your child learn while having fun, and invest in karaoke machines that give you the freedom while singing your favorite songs. Shop Sears online or at the store for affordable CDs and accessories to add to your home music collection.