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Upgrade your home or office with new landline phones

Landline phones are one of the most dependable ways for people to contact a business or home. While smartphones have become an inescapable part of daily life, anyone who has experienced dropped calls, lost service or dead batteries can understand the importance of a dedicated home phone. Choose from models with voicemail capabilities to avoid missing important phone calls. Sears carries reliable phones that include functional features like speakerphone capability and wireless handsets.

Home phones not only come with landline capabilities, but they also are available in Internet-based systems. Voice-over IP phones, or VOIP phones, offer many of the same services as traditional telephones, including caller ID and call waiting. However, these models can send calls over the Internet through your cable modem. Many VOIP systems also eliminate long distance charges, making them ideal for a business or home office.

Whether you choose a landline or VOIP system for your home or business, consider a headset. This device allows you to handle calls typing on the computer. All it takes is one dropped call, a dead battery or a cracked touch screen on a smartphone to realize how important it is to have a dedicated landline telephone. Upgrade your home phone or business line with a new handset or VOIP system from Sears.