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      Find corded and cordless home phones from Sears

      Make calls from anywhere in the house when you invest in home phones from Sears. We carry more than 500 corded and cordless phones with advanced calling features such as 3-way calling and call waiting. You can also find home phones with built-in answering systems and loud speakers for talking without your handset. Many of our home phones have large LCD displays for viewing the time, the date and the caller information. From corded speakerphones to captioned telephones, find the home phone you want at Sears.

      Whether you choose a cordless or a corded phone, you need phone accessories to enhance your calling experience. Even if you have a corded phone, you can use Koss full-size communication headphones without having to hold the handset. Accessorize your home phone with an answering machine, or invest in replacement phone batteries if your cordless phone doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to. We have phone jacks for installing home phones in separate rooms, and you can find Belkin handset cords when you need a replacement for your corded home phone.

      While corded phones work best for stationary use, cordless phones give you freedom of movement when you want to walk and talk at the same time. Even with a long cord, you can tangle a corded phone around furniture as you walk. A Panasonic cordless phone lets you dial out and accept calls easily from the handset, and you can return it to the base for recharging when you finish the call. Like corded home phones, you can find cordless phones with built-in answering services and speakerphones. Some of our cordless home phones come with three handsets, so you can place one in the most-used rooms in your home.

      Not every home has a landline corded or cordless phone. If you prefer mobile phones, then we have Apple iPhones and HTC One unlocked cell phones to use at home and on the go. The benefits of choosing unlocked phones compared to landline phones include more carrier options, access to the Web and text messaging on the go. Instead of signing on to your laptop, you can use your phone to check your email, surf the Internet or make video calls to your friends. With an unlocked phone, you get the benefit of a cordless home phone and a mini computer in one device.

      Accept and make calls from any room in your house with a home phone, and accessorize your phone with headsets and other useful accessories. Choose a cordless home phone if you want to walk and talk freely without cords, or opt for an unlocked cell phone to make calls and surf the Web at home and on the go. Shop Sears for more affordable home phones and cell phones for everyone in your family.


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