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Improve your phone with different phone accessories

Whether you need it for your home phone or your cell phone, you can find various phone accessories to enhance your calls at home or on the go. Sears has more than 500 phone accessories to use with your corded house phones or your mobile smartphones. Go hands-free as you talk on your cell phone with the Bose Bluetooth headset, and sync your music files on your mobile device with the Kaito USB data cable. From chargers to jacks, we have the accessories you want for your home or office phones.

Other accessories to invest in include cell phone chargers for the home and the car. We also have adapter accessories that convert a wall charger into a car charger just by using a single USB cord. Having accessories such as external speakers and travel chargers improves the way you use your phone. While a travel charger comes in handy during your road trips, a Bluetooth in-car speakerphone makes it even easier to talk on your phone while concentrating on the road. Whether you need a wall charger or a portable wireless headset, we've got the accessories you need to enhance your cell phone.

When selecting accessories, consider USB phone cords for your cell phone and coiled handset cables for your home phone. We have corded handsets that connect to your cell phone, and you can even find seven-foot privacy cords for extending your conversation to another room. Get a USB cord and a car charger in one with the Motorola V8 kit, and opt for a coiled handset cord as a replacement if you have a torn or tangled cord on your home phone.

Combo cord and charger kits make up just some of our specialty cell phone accessories. We also have various accessories like touch-screen smartphone repair kits and even voice-activated telephone recorders from Joytel. Invest in Bluetooth wireless earbuds for your cell phone and a Cyber Acoustics headset-mic for your home phone. Place a phone in the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom with the Uniden 3-piece cordless answering system. You can find wall jacks to install a corded phone in your room, and we have additional accessories like solar-powered USB chargers for keeping your cell phone charged when you lack an electrical outlet.

Having Bluetooth headsets and other various phone accessories enhances your interaction with the phone. Invest in a cell phone charger for the road in case you break down and need to call for assistance, and find other specialty accessories like wall jacks and replacement cords for your home and office phones. Shop online at Sears when you want an even more affordable selection of accessories for your home and mobile phones.


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