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Get all your messages with answering machines

Never miss another message at home or at the office when you use answering machines from Sears. We carry a full inventory of answering machines and phone accessories to make your life easier when taking calls. Get the Uniden digital answering system, which includes three handsets, Caller ID and three-way calling. We also have the Bell Phones digital answering system, which offers outgoing and incoming messages and lets you record two announcements. Whether you would like an answering machine with remote control operation or with additional handsets, you can find phone accessories at Sears.

Some of our answering machines come with multiple cordless phones and bases that you can place in any one of your rooms. The primary base features the answering system, and you can use it to charge your phone in between calls. Cordless phone batteries drain quickly during long calls, so you want to place your phone on the base after each call. Charging your phone after each use ensures that you have plenty of talk time when you receive your next call.

Most digital answering machines have padded feet and brackets, so you can place them on a table or mount them on the wall. While you can opt for separate answering machines and home phones, you take care of two things at once when you invest in an AT&T cordless phone with a digital answering system. Most answering systems feature large displays for viewing the caller information, the time and the date. We also have corded digital answering systems with support for call waiting and conference calls.

We have many home phone accessories such as replacement batteries and cords. You can find cassette tapes for your older answering machine, and we have headsets that let you talk hands-free when using your corded home phone. Use the speakerphone option on your digital answering system to listen to a call aloud or talk in private with a full-size communication headset with a built-in mic. In addition to finding answering machines and phone accessories, you can find entry phones and emergency hands-free phones that mount on your walls. You can find a video conference system and specialty cell phone accessories.

Invest in an answering machine to get all your messages when you are away, and charge your cordless phone on the base after each use. Get a home phone with a built-in answering system and a speakerphone, and accessorize your cell phone with Bluetooth headsets and other specialty accessories. Find even more affordable home phones and accessories when you shop online at Sears.


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