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      Improve your talk time with cordless phone batteries

      Cordless phone batteries wear down after years of constant recharging, but you can find a replacement for your cordless phone at Sears. We carry hundreds of name brand and generic batteries for use with Uniden or AT&T cordless phones. You can find rechargeable and non-rechargeable cordless phone batteries for your Toshiba and Panasonic phones, and we have OEM phone batteries for use with Vtech DECT 6.0 phones. Whether you need a replacement or a spare, find the cordless phone batteries you need at Sears.

      If your cordless phone doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to, then check the connectors between the phone and the base. Sometimes residue builds up on the contacts, preventing the phone from receiving a full charge. If it still fails to charge normally, then replace the old battery with a new one. Replacing your cordless phone battery takes as much time as replacing cell phone batteries. Just lift or slide down on the lid, disconnect the wire, and insert your new battery. After replacing the battery, let it receive a full charge before using the phone.

      A cordless phone set comes with a phone and a base. The base supports the phone when you don't need it, and it continuously charges the phone until you use it again. Like cell phone chargers, a cordless phone base continues to charge the phone even if it has a full charge. Charging your phone for too long reduces overall battery life, so consider leaving the phone off the base from time to time during the day. It improves battery life and reduces the amount of charging time your phone needs the next time around.

      Some cordless phone kits come with more than one handset, so you can place a phone in your living room and in your bedrooms. Many of our cordless phones have built-in answering services with other features like 3-way calling and Caller ID. We also have a cordless phone kit that includes a headset for hands-free calling. You can find replacement batteries for all of our cordless phones, and we have additional accessories like wall mounts and desktop bases. From Panasonic to Vtech, we have cordless phones with the features you want.

      Increase your talk time with long-lasting cordless phone batteries, and improve the charge times on your cell phone with new cell phone batteries. Invest in cell phone chargers for the home and the car, and get cordless phone sets with multiple handsets for every room in your home. Find even more affordable cordless phones and useful accessories when you shop the Sears' online inventory.


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