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Enjoy technology more with phone cords

Dealing with complicated devices can be annoying. Many of the cool gadgets we love require tons of accessories and parts to work properly. Without the right assortment of cables, you're completely out of luck. Use the simple Sears finder tool to get your hands on the phone cords you need to communicate with ease.

It's not easy to connect all your devices to the same network. Different phones include varied connector formats, and they work better with some than others. Your new VoIP switching system might not be as useful with old analog phones. Simplify things by starting with commonly-used formats like our Steren Electronics Intl. 4C modular line cords. Cords like these are perfect for most telephone and VoIP devices, and they include tough PVC jackets that resist wear. Use them to connect your voice networks, and enjoy clearer signals on your answering machines so that you can understand messages calls with increased ease.

Our wide selection of phone jacks gives you plenty of leeway to install more devices. You can also extend the range of your outlets with one of our 25-foot Steren Electronics modular line cords. Our standard cables come in multiple lengths to accommodate your setup. Use a LYNN ELECTRONICS Handset Cord Coupler to join any two standard phone handset cords together, and benefit from the ability to roam freely while you talk. Or install one of our coiled Jasco Handset Cords to add more travel room without increasing desk clutter.

Make sure to use our search tool to find the correct plugs for your devices. The plugs that connect your phones to the wall outlets may be different than the ones that go between the phone and the handset, even though the connectors look somewhat similar. Manage your cables and connections with devices like our Softalk SOF1500 Twisstop Rotating Phone Cord Detanglers. By eliminating twists, you'll make your phone cords less likely to kink up and turn into knotted messes. You'll also reduce stresses that could damage the wires or plugs. Clean up your office or tightly packed call center with accessories like our COU ** UC Voice 750 Monaural Over-the-Head Headsets. These provide high-quality sound for conference calls and media presentations, and they come with their own cables that make them easier to manage.

Don't let missing or insufficient wiring stop you from enjoying the full capabilities of your devices. Improve your home or office layout by planning new cable paths in order to reduce clutter. Shop the Sears phone cords portal to organize your communications center today.


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