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      The advancement of telephone technology has grown by leaps and bounds since its origins in the late-1800s. Your grandparents may never have dreamed that humans would one day have the ability to communicate over long distances without phone lines or cords. VOIP phones give users the option to communicate via Internet or IP network rather than phone lines, and we carry a variety of sizes and styles from brands like Cisco and Cortelco. A wide selection of cell phones are also available at Sears, and you can find the perfect one that has all of the convenient features you need.

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      Make calls over the Internet with VoIP phones

      VoIP phones give you the freedom to make calls over an IP network instead of the standard circuit-switched telephone network that most homes and businesses use through the telephone company. The VoIP phone looks identical to a traditional land-based phone, but it connects to a USB port or through Ethernet. Sears offers hundreds of VoIP phones and accessories to set up an Internet communication system in your home or office. We even have VoIP phones with multiple mailboxes, programmable answering positions and HD voice features.

      Even if you have a traditional home or office telephone, enhance it with phone accessories such as answering machines and cordless headsets. We also have accessories for your cell phone, which include cases and covers for standard flip phones and touch-screen smartphones. Carry along a Nikura car charger to keep your phone charged while on the go, and mount your phone in the car with the Eforcity air vent phone holder. Whether you need cordless phone batteries or cell phone screen protectors, find the accessories you need for your home and mobile phones.

      While VoIP phones give you the freedom to call family members or clients over the Internet, unlocked cell phones give you the freedom to choose the telephone provider you want. As an example, if you choose Sprint as your main provider, but the company doesn't offer the phone you want, then you can buy an unlocked phone from Sears and use it on the Sprint network. We have a full selection of unlocked cell phones from the HTC One to the Apple iPhone. We even have the Nokia N8 unlocked touch-screen phone, which includes GPS and voice navigation.

      Some unlocked cell phones work with no-contract service providers like Boost or even T-Mobile. With prepaid cell phones, you don't have to stay locked in to a contract for two or more years. Either you can pay for the minutes you want, or you have the option to pay a set price per month for unlimited features. We provide a list of prepaid phones to choose from, including the TracFone Samsung S425G and the Consumer Cellular 8000 Android smartphone. Opt for the budget-friendly Doro 618, or get all of the features you want with the Boost Mobile Kyocera Hydro prepaid phone.

      Make calls over the Internet with VoIP phones, and enhance your calling experience with wireless headsets and other useful phone accessories. Choose an unlocked cell phone to have the phone and the provider you want, and drop the contract and hidden fees when you select a prepaid cell phone. Shop online at Sears for even more affordable phones and accessories for your home or office.


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