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      Portable Radios for On-The-Go Listening

      Music lovers on the go would not be caught without their portable radios. Today radios are far more advanced than the old style big transistor radios many grew up with decades ago. Radios go anywhere and are available in many sizes, from credit card dimensions to giant boom boxes with large stereo speakers to pump up the party. Brand names like Sony, Cobra and Motorola have always meant high quality radio products; they are leaders in the field of radio production.

      People on the go have many choices to make. They can select a basic AM/FM combination radio or one with a DVD player. Small radios play cassette tapes or compact discs, in addition to having a radio receiver. Travelers want portable clock radios to maintain their routine schedules while on the road. Two way radios are found at many businesses, aiding communications with travelling workers and sales representatives. CB and other mobile radios may also contain a GPS locator unit. Uniden, Motorola, Sharp and other manufacturers are still among the best names in the world of mobile radio.

      Smaller is better for some people. One of the smallest portable radio devices is not a radio, but a portable USB Internet radio jukebox that allows computer users to access 13,000 radio stations worldwide. Tiny pocket-sized portable radios with ear buds travel all over with bicyclists and joggers. Schoolchildren cannot resist the temptation to sneak portable radios into class and listen secretly. Sony, Coby, Aluratek and Cobra all have pocket-sized radios on the market that are powerful receivers.

      Talking radios that announce the time are featured in some children's alarm clocks. Time, temperature, and talk are featured on many portable Sony AM/FM radios; stereo speakers enhance FM broadcast sound quality. Craftsman and other manufacturers make high quality portable weather radios. With larger model portable radios, sometimes called boom boxes, speakers can blast out with enough power to star at any party on the go. Larger model portable radios may also have TV, CB, DVD or MP3 players and emergency alerts for weather warnings. Emergency services want radios that can broadcast, transmit, light up and even have shortwave or other broadcast band capabilities.

      Digital technology has brought radio technology up to new heights at the same time. Invest in a new portable radio for home, work or to give as a gift. See all the models online in the Sears Computers and Electronics, Portable Electronics Radios catalog today.


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