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Expand your reading horizons with stylish e-readers

Electronic books have continued to grow in popularity since the launch of e-readers. These handy devices allow you to carry around dozens or even hundreds of your favorite stories and access them whenever you want. Shopping for, purchasing and reading books has never been easier. Sears stocks a variety of the most well-known e-readers so you can find exactly the model you've been looking for.

An electronic reader is a big investment, so be sure to protect yours with one of the stylish ereader covers we have in stock. The simplest way to keep your e-reader safe is with a transparent screen protector. If you're mostly planning to use your reader around the house, this should be enough to keep the screen from becoming damaged. However, if you want to carry your device around with you wherever you go, a full-sized cover or case is a better choice. Rugged hard cases protect your entire device from bumps, scratches and falls. Soft zippered cases feature cushioned interiors and can be tucked into bags or luggage for safekeeping as you travel. Some covers are designed with jointed fronts that create a sturdy stand when folded, saving you from having to buy a separate stand unit. You can find cases and covers in just about any style from basic black to bright colors emblazoned with popular sports team logos or even cartoon characters.

Depending on the model of e-reader you have, you might need ereader lights if you want to use it in a dim setting. Basic readers and older models are manufactured without backlighting for the screen, making a good light essential to avoid straining your eyes. Lightwedge and SUMMIT MORE make very simple lights that clip on to your e-reader or its cover. Using the flexible neck, you can direct light right where you need it, when you need it. When you're done reading, these compact units can be stowed away in your bag without taking up a lot of space.

When you want a break from electronic reading, go old-school and use handy book lights to light up a favorite hardcover or paperback. Just like lights for e-readers, traditional book lights are compact and designed to let you control exactly where the light beam falls. Choose a clip on model for hands-free illumination or try a light from Trademark Tools that directs a wide beam across a large portion of the page. This style of light is ideal for the visually impaired or those with poor night vision as it includes a built-in magnifier to enlarge print as you read.

As the prevalence of mobile electronics continues to grow, e-readers are only likely to become more popular. Being able to browse for new books and read whatever you want whenever you want makes these portable devices ideal for busy people. Look no further than Sears to find the e-readers and accessories that fit your lifestyle.


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