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MP3 Players

With iPod and Coby MP3 players from Sears, you have access to your entire music library on the go. Sears offers hundreds of name brand MP3 players with and without Internet connectivity. Choose from Coby and Mach Speed MP3 players with up to 8GB of memory and 4.3-inch displays. Most MP3 players support video playback, so you can watch your favorite movies wherever you go. Use the Phillips docking system to listen to your music while charging your player at the same time. At Sears, you have access to the MP3 players in the colors and sizes you want.

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"MP3 Players Provide Many Options for Storage and Memory MP3 players are the most popular portable devices for music listening, especially models like the Apple iPod and the Microsoft Zune. Before buying an MP3 player, however, it's helpful to understand the features that set different brands and models apart. Sears carries great MP3 players from brands like Sony, Coby and RCA for a great listening experience. Memory is an important consideration when choosing an MP3 player. MP3 players either use a hard drive or flash memory to store songs, videos and other files. Hard drives offer more storage at a lower price, but flash media tends to last longer because it doesn't have moving parts. Flash media is often expandable. Many MP3 players can use SD cards, which can be purchased as inexpensive expansion/replacement memory. MP3 players typically have between 2-16 gigabytes of built-in flash memory, although digital audio players with hard drives can often hold 60 gigabytes or more of pictures, video and music. Another important factor in choosing the right MP3 player is its user interface. The best MP3 players are easy to use thanks to a great operating system and controls. Touchscreen MP3 players, for instance, have the intuitive controls of tablet computers. Popular touchscreen MP3 players include the iPod Touch and the Zune HD. MP3 players without touch screens usually use standard buttons or scroll wheels to allow users to easily select songs and control built-in applications and games. An MP3 player is part fashion accessory, so it makes sense that MP3 players come in a wide variety of colors and designs suited to different types of music listeners. Sports MP3 players are smaller, with simple controls and flash memory. Some include lanyards or armbands for easy use. They can handle rigorous use and a small amount of moisture, so they're a better choice for joggers and runners. Widescreen MP3 players are a great travel accessory, as they can display pictures and movies. Finding the perfect MP3 player is easy with Sears thanks to a large selection and incredible prices on some of the most popular digital audio players on the market. "


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