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Boom Boxes & Portable Radios

Boom boxes and portable CD players keep your music with you wherever you go. Tune in to your favorite FM station on the Sony portable CD player with its built-in cassette deck. Match the "Star Wars" theme in your home with the Darth Vader CD boombox from Jazwares. Select boom boxes with and without iPod and MP3 docks, such as the RCA 100-watt CD audio system with iPod connectivity. From boom boxes to portable DVD players, Sears keeps you connected to your movies and music.

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Boom Boxes Provide Hours of Music Entertainment

Boom boxes are the ultimate party tool and a great way to bring music into any environment. They're a popular type of stereo thanks to their versatility, as most can use standard D or C cell batteries for hours of listening enjoyment. Modern boom boxes from brands like Sony, RCA and Emerson are capable of conveniently playing music in dozens of formats. Sears offers a variety of boom boxes to suit any need.

Standard boom boxes play audio from CDs, AM/FM radio and occasionally from cassette tapes. However, many boom box manufacturers have designed their products to work with new audio technology, including mp3 players and satellite radio receivers. For instance, a boom box with an iPod dock can charge an iPod or iPhone while directly accessing its music library. Boom boxes with audio-in jacks can play music from any source with a headphone jack, including any brand of mp3 player. Connecting a device to the audio-in jack of a stereo requires an auxiliary cable, which is often included with a stereo.

Most newer boom boxes have a built-in CD player, but a growing number of stereos have built-in DVD players and small screens for displaying movies. Boom boxes with built-in DVD players can play videos on-the-go in stunning high definition. These are a great choice for camping, family car trips or a visit to the beach. Alarm clock boom boxes are a better choice for in-home use, as they're both extremely portable and loud enough to wake any sleeper. The right boom box can provide serious sound and high-end features for every type of music listener. With Sears, it's easy to find the perfect boombox for indoor or outdoor listening.


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