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Listen to your music on the go when you invest in portable CD players from Sears. Sears carries a range of portable CD players from Coby and RCA with and without MP3 compatibility. Pop in your favorite CD to listen to on the ultra-slim Coby personal CD player, or tune in to AM/FM radio on the portable Jensen stereo player. To listen to your music without commercial interruption, satellite radio from Sirius and Audiovox is the ideal choice. Choose Sears online for the best in CD players and other portable electronics.

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Portable CD Players for Music On The Move

A portable CD player is one of the easiest ways to bring a music collection almost anywhere. They're extremely portable, as most portable CD players are only slightly wider than a compact disc. They also tend to be extremely lightweight and make a great travel accessory with the right set of headphones or a car adapter. Sears carries CD players from major brands like Sony, Coby and GPX.

While portable CD players all serve a similar purpose, different models have certain features that set them apart from one another. For example, many newer portable CD players are able to play music from a variety of sources. Portable MP3 CD players can play standard compact discs as well as MP3 CDs, which can hold hundreds of songs per disc. CD players with radios can provide excellent AM/FM reception with the click of a switch.

Other features are designed to improve the CD listening experience. Portable CD players with skip protection read ahead on a compact disc, which allows them to keep playing if the laser is disrupted. They're a good choice for travelers, as they provide a consistent music listening experience during a bumpy car ride or during airplane turbulence. Skip protection is usually rated by the seconds of consistent interruption that the CD player can withstand.

Personal CD boom boxes are another great option. These CD players have built-in speakers, but are still portable with the help of a few D or C cell batteries. They're a great way to play music on a camping trip, at the beach or in any other environment where an electrical outlet isn't easily accessible.

CDs provide better sound quality than mp3s or other compressed audio formats, and with the right portable CD players from Sears, it's easy to enjoy great sound and incredible features at a low price.


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