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      GPS Systems Show The Way To Travelers

      Car GPS navigation systems can be extremely useful for frequent travelers. They receive live signals from satellites to provide real-time directions, and with expandable map databases and point-of-interest searches, they can provide useful guidance in almost any part of the world. Sears carries car GPS navigation systems from major brands like Tomtom, Magellan and Garmin.

      Some car GPS systems have live traffic guidance, which allows drivers to avoid congested areas. Traffic guidance can greatly cut down on commute times by recommending alternative routes. While some GPS devices require a special subscription for traffic info, there are GPS systems with lifetime traffic guidance that don't require an ongoing subscriptions. Car GPS systems with Bluetooth utilize a mobile phone's data access to keep updated traffic info and points of interest. Most GPS receivers can be updated with new maps and data via USB or with an SD memory card.

      Screen size is an important factor when choosing a car GPS system. Widescreen GPS navigation systems can be easier to see and use, while a smaller GPS takes up less space on a car's windshield. GPS screen sizes range up to 5 inches. Larger screens also mean quicker battery drain, although GPS kits include car adapters for on-the-go charging.

      While GPS navigation systems are very affordable, refurbished GPS units offer a great value with top-of-the-line features. Refurbished units are factory-certified and carry warranties similar to those of new GPS systems at a fraction of the cost.

      With the right car GPS system, a driver never needs to worry about getting lost or not being able to find services while on the highway. A car GPS from Sears makes traveling much easier and quickly pays for itself.



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