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      GPS Fitness Systems Keep You On The Right Path

      GPS systems are great fitness accessories, especially those designed specifically for bikers, hikers and runners. Sears carries sports GPS systems from some of the most popular manufacturers, including Garmin and Magellan.

      The features of fitness GPS systems vary by sport. Cycling GPS units are especially popular, as cyclists can often lose track of their routes or the amount of time that they've spent on the road. A cycling GPS offers a real-time guidance and info about each ride, including speed, calories, distance, and more. They can be mounted on a bike's handlebars and run on rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Some biking GPS units can even connect to a computer to upload ride data to cycling community websites.

      Hiking GPS receivers are typically handheld and help hikers track their routes, even when hiking through forests or mountains. They're helpful for staying on course and keeping a log of hike data for later analysis. Hiking GPS receivers are often waterproof or water-resistant, with features like built-in flashlights and mp3 players to make hiking and camping easier.

      Runners need a convenient way to track their routes, too, but handheld GPS units are often too bulky for long runs. GPS watches are ideal for runners and joggers. Many GPS watches also double as heart rate monitors and count calories in addition to distance and speed.

      Golf GPS receivers are the ultimate accessory for serious golfers, as they give a top-down view of an entire golf course and accurate yardage information. They're useful for spotting weaknesses in a golfer's game, and as most golf GPS receivers have built-in scorecards, they can also help a golfer to keep track of past games and spot improvements in yardage and overall score.

      Casual and serious athletes can benefit from a full-featured fitness GPS system, and with the various sports GPS receivers offered by Sears, tracking workouts with a GPS can be inexpensive and easy.



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