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      "Surge Suppressors Protect Against Power Hits Surge suppressors are a line of defense between sensitive equipment and the electricity that provides power to that equipment. A sudden surge of electricity can damage computers and other sensitive equipment, causing damage and failures. The cost of buying surge suppressors for protection against power outages and brown outs is very small when compared to the high expense of the equipment or repairs to that equipment. Many types of surge suppressors from Belkin, Monster Cable and other manufacturers are constructed in a strip form that contains multiple outlet sockets and one master switch. Some have a group of outlets that are linked together. When power goes out, or when a single switch is turned off, power to that entire group of outlets is turned off. Some units also have one or two extra outlets that remain powered. This allows equipment that should remain on to stay turned on. These are a convenient way to shut down power to a computer and its related equipment, such as a printer, VCR, DVD player, TV and other components all at the same time. If there is a power failure, all devices on that strip are protected. When power is restored, or it is time to use the equipment, one switch turns everything on. Fancier models of surge protectors by Philips have added features like LED lights, protected phone and coax connections, outlets that will accommodate oversize adapters, equipment warranty protection and cord management. These are not much more expensive than the basic surge suppressor models. They offer a lot of protection for a very small price. Another handy device that works to conserve energy is the Belkin power timer. This device works to reduce or turn off power from equipment that is on standby mode. Standby power does waste energy if left on for long periods; the power timer shuts off power after a set amount of time. Other power related items of interest include DC to AC inverters. These allow conversion of DC battery power to AC power. This enables use of equipment in remote locations powered from a vehicle battery or other DC power source. A cable power center is a unit that provides the similar protection that a surge suppressor does; multiple electronic items are connected by their cables to a main unit. If there is a power problem, all items will be shut off before damage occurs. Get the protection expensive equipment needs; order power centers, inverters, power timers and surge suppressors now from the online Sears Power Cables & Surge Suppressors catalog. Power outages do not need to cause damage to expensive electronics anymore."


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