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DVI & VGA Cables

You don't need a cable or satellite set-top box in order to enjoy programming on your television. The home theater PC (HTPC) is becoming an increasingly popular choice for individuals and families who want to watch shows and movies without paying a monthly fee to a service provider. In an HTPC, the TV becomes the computer monitor with a connection through a TV DVI cable, which is available at Sears. Hook up the computer to the Internet with a TV VGA cable, and you can watch streaming TV shows and movies, play games, catch up on social media and share photos with friends and family.

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Turn your television into your computer monitor with a TV DVI cable

If your cable TV service is on the fritz again, it might be time to consider the benefits of a home theater PC (HTPC). When connected to the Internet, these computers can deliver much of the content that your current cable or satellite provider does. A TV DVI cable makes hooking up an HTPC, desktop or laptop computer to your TV quick and easy.

You can connect an HTPC to more than just a TV. These computers can be valuable projector accessories if that's how you set up your home theater system. With proper in-wall wiring, a projector ceiling mount can still support a computer connected to it via a TV VGA cable. If the video output on your HTPC or laptop is DVI, you can connect it to your projector with a VGA DVI adapter. You'll love the benefits of connecting your computer to a projector, including streaming movies, TV shows and more.

An HTPC or laptop can act just like another piece of home theater equipment such as a DVD player, Blu-ray player or video game console. Like those devices, it has to connect to your television or projector. Standard TV cables such as composite, S-video or component typically will not work when connecting a computer to a television. HDMI is a home theater cable that is increasingly popular among HTPCs, but TV DVI and TV VGA cables are still the most common for hooking up a desktop or laptop. In some instances, a computer will have a DVI output, but the TV only has a PC VGA input. Sears can help address this issue with its selection of VGA DVI adapters, which are small devices that connect to the PC and convert the computer's digital signal to an analog one that the TV can understand.

Now that you've integrated a computer into your home theater setup, it's time to protect that investment. Lightning and other power surges can be fatal to your valuable electronics. TV surge suppressors can help shield your system from some of the worst excesses of Mother Nature or the power company. In addition to protecting your electronics, most TV surge suppressors have ports to connect coax, telephone or Ethernet cables, protecting those lines from unwanted spikes and interference.

Computers are continuing to evolve. They are becoming integral parts of home theater systems and providing access to content that you won't find on TV, DVD or Blu-ray. A TV DVI cable from Sears can help bring this new world of entertainment to your living room. Shop at Sears for the best selection of TV cables and accessories.


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