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Get close to the action with a 3-D TV from Sears

Digital entertainment options have never been as diverse as they are today. From home to the office, devices like computer monitors and televisions have advanced how we see things on our screens. Whether your interest lies in videos or video games, you can enjoy the experience in new ways, such as high definition or 3-D. Different types of big screen TVs are now capable of bringing the thrills of the theater into your living room. Computers can now hook up to televisions to make these devices even more interactive.

Getting that home theater experience may take a variety of forms. In addition to a solid stereo system, you obviously need a worthy TV. A number of different types of televisions exist, each with their own special characteristics, to deliver high quality pictures. Projection TVs are popular for their ability to display images without the need for a built-in screen. Instead, you can purchase a specially made, retractable movie screen or simply show the program on a clear wall, making it a great draw for large parties of people. Most people, however, prefer a mid-ground that involves a big picture, but without the feeling of being in the first few rows of the local multiplex

The bright, bold look of a plasma TV may arguably make it the most popular type of television currently available. Fans of high definition TV frequently turn to plasma technology for its exceptional presentation of high definition pictures. Those who enjoy 3-D movies will definitely want to consider a 1080p 3-D TV to achieve the maximum effect. But for video enthusiasts just wanting to kick back with their favorite programs or sporting events, lesser resolutions like 720p may do the trick. But by all means, keep your options open. Both LCD and LED screens can also beautifully display images in glorious clarity, and their lighter weight makes them easier to place in any room.

The compact design of today's video displays puts them comfortably anywhere you go. Watching TV on one's computer monitor is a very common practice, especially among travelers. Modern laptops frequently have high-def capabilities that provide pictures that are superior to those of many TVs. Granted, they lack the awe-inspiring effect that can be achieved with a 60-inch or larger TV screen. However, computers can usually be hooked up to a television monitor, if you have the right cable, to produce the same impressive effect.

Our choices for video equipment are many, and as diverse as our viewing interests. Different types of televisions and computer monitors now give us the opportunity to practically become a part of the TV shows and movies we watch or the video games we play. Whether you lean toward a showy projection TV, or favor the sleek designs of LCD, LED and plasma screens, Sears can help you find the one that's right for you.


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