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Choose the right TV for any room in your house with Sears' selection of flat panel televisions

Choosing the right flat panel television is like choosing a flavor of ice cream. There's not really a wrong answer, and you have a lot of different options. Typically, people default to buying the biggest flat screen TV in their price range, but there are other elements to consider as well. Things like the size of the room where you want to watch the TV, the typical amount of light in that room and the content you're planning on watching all play an important role in determining if you should buy a LCD, LED or plasma TV. At Sears, we have the right flat panel televisions to meet your specifications.

For smaller and brighter rooms, you may want to consider an LED (light emitting diode) or LCD (liquid crystal display) television. An LED TV and an LCD TV are similar in a lot of ways, with the main difference being how the light source is generated. LED and LCD TVs are lighter and thinner than plasma televisions and emit a brighter glow, making them perfect for rooms that take in more outside light. LED and LCD televisions also come in smaller sizes - as small as some flat screen computer monitors - which make them a great choice for rooms that need a smaller TV, like bedrooms or kitchens.

If you're wanting a flat screen TV for a larger home theater or home entertainment system, then a plasma TV is your best bet. Plasma TVs have better contrast with deeper blacks, which produces a picture with richer, warmer colors that's perfect for watching movies and TV shows. Plasma televisions also produce more fluid images that don't blur. So if you play a lot of video games or watch a lot of fast-moving sports, a plasma TV can provide a clearer image than some LED or LCD TV options.

What's nice about flat panel televisions is there's always a fun, new technology coming out. Recently, the market has introduced Smart TVs, 3D TVs and UHD TVs to the viewing public. At Sears, these devices are as readily available to you as computer monitor accessories. With Smart TVs, you get a flat screen TV with the ability to directly connect to Internet applications. 3D TVs have the capability of displaying images in three dimensions with the aid of 3D glasses. UHD TVs (ultra high definition) are the next step in HD technology, providing picture quality even higher than hi-def.

Finding the right flat panel televisions for your viewing needs can be a difficult task. But Sears brings you a variety of thin TVs to help you make the right choice. From a small kid's room that needs a TV for video games to a big home theater that needs a TV for movies, Sears can help you find the flat screen television that's right for you.


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