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      Get amazing picture quality with a new Blu-ray player

      When you're watching your favorite movies, you want to see every little detail. Streaming a TV show with muted colors, blurry picture and lagging playback will be a thing of the past. Sears has a variety of Blu-ray players that will help you watch all your favorite media all on one device. All you have to do is plug in an HDMI cable and you'll be ready to start watching.

      When you invest in a subscription to your favorite streaming services, you don't want to be stuck watching them just on the computer. Many smart Blu-ray players come pre-installed with streaming apps so you can start enjoying the next season of your favorite show right in the living room. These are the perfect device if you don't own a gaming console that can stream media. Blu-ray players with Wi-Fi capabilities also allow you to stream your favorite online videos onto your television.

      A new Blu-ray player will allow you to do more than just play your favorite movies. Investing in a smart Blu-ray player will let you enjoy all of your favorite Internet content through your TV. Shop at Sears for your new Blu-ray player and enjoy all your favorite movies, shows and videos with outstanding quality and detail.


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