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      Absorb Hi-Def media with Blu-ray movie players

      When you are watching your favorite movies, you want to see every little detail. Straining to distinguish the details in chopped up TV reruns or fuzzy Internet videos on your computer doesn't cut it. Sears makes it easy to enjoy cinema, television and everything else you love in high definition. Check out our Blu-ray movie players to experience your media as you never have before.

      Normal video players don't cut it anymore. Modern televisions use high-resolution signals to improve image quality and present you with stunning color and contrast. Make sure your media can keep up by playing it on one of our smart Blu-ray players. Smart Blu-ray devices like the Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player with Smart Hub include their own network processors that let them stream digital content, deliver apps and connect to your home Wi-Fi. They support numerous video formats, so you can play your home movies just as easily as you watch your top sitcoms and action movies.

      You have invested a lot in your custom A/V equipment; your media player should also be up to par. Try one of our home theater Blu-ray units. High-end players like the Denon DBT-3313UDCI Universal Audio Video Player include all the plug formats to connect your speakers, stereo system, and other odds and ends. You will wait less for discs to start playing, and the unit is 3D-capable. Use your Android or iOS device to control it with a free remote app, and cut down on the clutter in your den or family room.

      Do not forget to pick up a few discs to watch while you are at it. Our selection of various Blu-ray movies makes it way easier to build up a collection of your own, and everything looks better in HD. Even basic players like our Seiki Blu-ray Player SR212S are backwards-compatible, so you can still watch your old DVDs or play videos on burned CDs on a budget. Pick up movies for the kids, add to your collection of personal favorites or grab an educational film from our library, and enjoy the show in full HD.

      Take advantage of the cutting edge of video replay technology with our easy Blu-ray movie players selection tool. Stream video from the web directly to your TV or take a closer look at your own cinematic efforts. Notice tiny details that you never saw before in your beloved films. Visit Sears to get started on your own media hub so that you can really enjoy your entertainment experience.


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