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Find DVD players and enjoy your favorite movies

There is nothing more relaxing than settling in to watch a movie at the end of a long day. Even with the advent of streaming video, DVD players have remained a popular choice for in-home entertainment. Sears offers a selection of players from brands you trust such as Sony and Toshiba. Add one to your home theater collection and start enjoying your favorite films all over again.

Standard DVD players include basic features that deliver sharp pictures and high-quality sound. Models labeled with the EnergyStar logo help you save electricity no matter how often you watch movies. Some models from Samsung, Pioneer and others incorporate technology designed to enhance playback and deliver a whole new viewing experience. Compact players offer the same performance in a smaller unit for use in apartments or small rooms. The slim design of the Sony Compact DVP-SR210P DVD player fits on shelves, desktops and bookcases, giving you more flexibility when putting together components for your home theater. Look for DVD movies in your favorite genres to build a library of films that you can watch as often as you want.

If you can't find all of your favorite movies on DVD, there are players that still include a VCR component. Bundled together in one handy device, DVD/VCR combinations let you switch back and forth between old movies and new. Models that incorporate DVD recorders allow you to burn your own discs. Choosing one of the units with a VCR gives you a way to preserve your VHS tapes in a more reliable format. You can also record episodes of any TV series as it airs or grab a movie from your favorite channel to watch when you come home from work at night. One-touch recording and high-quality burn technology makes it easy to expand your collection.

Whether you are a movie buff or a fan of TV shows on DVD, it is nice to be able to take your favorites with you when you travel. No matter where life takes you, portable movie players can go along for the ride. Like their larger counterparts, these devices deliver crisp playback for enjoyment on the go. Sears stocks players with screen sizes ranging from 5 to 10 inches, giving you a compact movie screen that fits in your bag or backpack. When you cannot be at home to enjoy movies and TV shows, a portable DVD player is a good alternative.

Today's home theater has more potential than ever before. DVD players are just part of a collection of peripherals that may also include Blu-ray and streaming media. Put it all together for an unforgettable entertainment experience every time you watch a movie. Start building your home theater today with the extensive selection available at Sears.


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