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Cut cable and get access to hundreds of local and foreign television programs with satellite TV systems. Sears sells Dish Network and DIRECTV, which feature family-friendly, action and on-demand programming in a wide variety of genres. You always control how much of the action comes into your house with easy-to-use parental controls. Best of all, you do not have to worry about the neighborhood squirrels chewing through the cable wires again. Add one of Sears' TV audio antennas to your purchase for excellent reception of FM and UHF signals.

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Watch hundreds of channels with satellite TV systems

Get access to all of the channels you want when you invest in a satellite TV system for your home. Sears carries a range of satellite systems from DirecTV and Dish Network with hundreds of channels available at the press of a button. We also have accessories such as satellite tripod stands and satellite finder meters to enhance your satellite system. In addition to satellite TV, you can find roof-mounted satellite systems that let you listen to hundreds of audio stations in your home or in the car.

Creating a home theater starts with a high-definition television and a satellite system from DirecTV. Our DirecTV Home Media Center DVR lets you record five shows at once for watching later in any room of your home. Combine the power of your satellite TV system with video streaming devices like a Roku or an RCA media player. With a satellite and a streaming device, you have access to thousands of shows from all over the world. Watch your favorite shows on your satellite system, and view your YouTube videos with a streaming video player all on one TV.

With an HD satellite signal, you can watch all of your shows and movies in high-definition on your television. To get the most out of your HD channels, invest in HD home theater televisions from Sony and Samsung. Since an HD television supports 720p and 1080p resolutions, it works well with a high-definition signal from your satellite system. Some of our HDTVs support Internet connectivity, so you can stream movies and music from the Web to your TV.

As part of our satellite TV system collection, you can find surround sound speakers to enhance the home theater experience. Start your home theater with a DirecTV media center, a Panasonic Viera HDTV and a Pinnacle Systems 5.1-channel surround sound system. With both a high-definition satellite and an HDTV, you can feel the bass and hear every sound from your surround sound speakers. We have Fellowes outlet strips to plug in all of your home theater equipment in one place, and the strips prevent voltage spikes from damaging your electronics. From satellite receivers to audio speakers, find the electronics you need to create the ultimate home theater system.

Watch your favorite shows and movies on your home satellite TV system, and use a video streaming device such as a Roku player to watch YouTube on your television. Invest in home theater televisions to view your satellite channels in stunning high definition, and transform your living room into a home theater with HDTVs and HD satellite systems. Shop Sear's online inventory for an even bigger selection of TVs and electronics for your home.


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