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      When you buy VCR-DVD combos from Sears, you can play all of your new DVDs as well as older VHS tapes. Some of your greatest memories are on tape. Why leave them in a shoebox until you are ready to transfer them to digital media? With a combo from Magnavox, Toshiba or Philips, you add great versatility to your home entertainment system. Of course, for the kids' rooms there are the standard DVD players from Sony, Samsung or LG. They are slim, inexpensive and immensely suitable for smaller hands. Train the kids how to use these appliances with entry-level DVD players.

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      Preserve your favorites using VCR-DVD combos

      Though DVDs and Blu-ray discs have pushed VHS tapes out of common use, you can still enjoy your old movies thanks to VCR-DVD combos. Sit down and pop in a tape to watch or choose a model that incorporates a DVD burner to create more permanent copies of those vintage films. You can even use your combo to record TV shows on VHS or DVD for later viewing. Whether you are looking for a Magnavox, Toshiba or another familiar brand, you can find just the right combination device at Sears.

      Over time, the magnetic tape inside a VHS becomes worn, leading to loss of sound and picture quality. Turning your old movies into DVD discs ensures that the quality remain high for much longer than it would if left on VHS. Once you have transferred your favorites, you can play them back on any DVD player. Experience high quality playback on home theater DVD players from Sony and Samsung, or simply pop a disc into the DVD side of your combo player to enjoy all over again. Progressive scan technology delivers a clear picture and fresh sound every time.

      Audio is a big part of what makes movies enjoyable, and it is one of the places where quality often suffered on VHS tapes. DVDs improved on this with digital and surround-sound options designed to change the way you experience your favorite films. Adding component CD players to your home theater setup takes audio to the next level by providing crystal-clear playback for all your discs. Listen to your favorite CDs or create your own mixes with MP3 compatibility from Pioneer. Pair one of these units with your VHS-DVD player for a complete home entertainment experience.

      You do not have to leave electronic entertainment behind when you travel. Though staying in a hotel may offer a few cable channels to choose from, portable DVD players give you the freedom to watch anything. Small enough to fit in a backpack or carry-on bag, these personal electronic devices let you enjoy both standard discs and the movies you preserved from VHS no matter where you go. Swiveling screens from Audivox and dual monitors from Philips make it easy to share the viewing experience with friends and family whether you are at a seaside resort or whether you are camping in the wilderness.

      Do not let your old favorite VHS tapes sit and languish in boxes. With VCR-DVD combos, you can watch or preserve any old movie to enjoy for years to come. Take a look at the options available from Sears and get started on upgrading your VHS collection.


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