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      Blu-ray & DVD Players

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      Watch movies in high-definition with a Blu-ray player

      With a Blu-ray player, you can watch your movies in 1080p high-definition with an HDTV. Sears carries a full inventory of Blu-ray players and movies to create an ultimate theatre room in your home. In addition to playing HD Blu-ray discs, a Blu-ray player supports standard DVDs, so you can play your DVD collection without having to add a separate player in the entertainment center. We have Sony and Samsung Blu-ray players with HDMI ports and Internet connectivity. You can also find smart Blu-ray players that let you stream high-definition movies from the Web to your TV.

      Although a Blu-ray player works with standard-definition televisions, it provides better clarity when paired with a high-definition widescreen TV. With this duo, you can see every car chase and explosion in stunning detail in your Blu-ray action movies. "Body of Lies" and "Bad Boys" look much better in 1080p, and "Sanctum 3D" works well with a Samsung 3D Blu-ray player and a compatible 3D TV. From "Terminator" to "The Lord of the Rings," watch your movies like never before on an HD Blu-ray player.

      Put your Blu-ray player to good use when you invest in Blu-ray movies such as "Death Wish 2" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Whether you prefer comedy, horror or all of the above, you can find thousands of Blu-ray movies to add to your video collection. We have documentary Blu-ray movies such as "Titanic: 100 Years in 3D" and "Dinotasia," and you can fill your entertainment center with drama and science-fiction movies like "Reindeer Games" and "Star Trek." From thriller DVDs to anime Blu-ray discs, you can play them all on a Blu-ray player.

      Combine the power of your Blu-ray player with the brilliance of >home theater televisions. Also referred to as HDTVs, you can mount your home theater television on the wall or place it on an entertainment stand. HDTVs like the Sharp 60-inch Aquos offer 1080p resolution and 240Hz refresh rates for the sharpest visual quality. Many home theater televisions such as the Panasonic Viera support 3D playback with a 3D Blu-ray player. We have smart TVs with Internet connectivity, gesture control, face recognition and more than four HDMI ports for connecting your game consoles and other electronics to the TV.

      Invest in a Blu-ray player to watch all of your action and adventure movies in stunning 1080p. Fill your video cabinet with action flicks and other Blu-ray movies, and create your own home theater with an HDTV. Browse even more of the Sears online inventory for the most affordable selection of name brand home theater televisions and Blu-ray movies.