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      Keep your entertainment setup nice and easy with a combo TV from Sears

      Deep blacks, brilliant whites and vivid colors come in a simplified package with a combo TV. Sears offers TV DVD combo options that feature a built-in DVD player to ensure you get the functionality you desire without the need for additional components. This simplistic package doesn't require a compromise: Our combo TVs deliver top-notch picture and sound. With televisions that feature high-quality images and simulated surround sound in a slim, space-saving package, you're getting the best of the best with the added benefit of clutter-free entertainment.

      Go from watching your favorite television program to popping in that movie everyone's talking about with the effortless assistance of a TV with a built-in DVD player. The clever combination creates an entertainment powerhouse, offering minimalism that wows. Sears stocks combo HDTVs with LED-lit screens for deep, dark blacks, brilliant colors and bright whites. Find a TV DVD combo with fast response time for clear motion scenes, a feature that's particularly key for film buffs and television fanatics. A smart, simplistic supplement to a projection TV setup, a fuss-free combo television keeps entertainment easy.

      With sleek, updated packaging, a combo TV was made to optimize your living space. Score the perfect clutter-free arrangement with a television wall mount and other TV accessories that improve your setup, making it work for you and your lifestyle. Our essential TV DVD combos feature a slim profile for sleek styling that looks nice whether you hang it on the wall or keep it on the stationary stand. The space-saving design makes it easy to move from room to room throughout your home. This portability is perfect for movie marathons, sleepover parties, and days spent toiling in the garage or cooking up a storm in kitchen. Combo televisions offer the ease of a single remote, making it simple to control all functions of the TV and built-in DVD player without switching between multiple controllers.

      If you wish to enhance your entertainment setup further, our combo TVs will play nice with your other devices. Choose a television with USB ports that support JPEG and audio, allowing you to display photos and play music. Use TV cables to connect the combo TV with other favorite electronics, customizing your entertainment configuration to suit your needs from basic to more advanced.

      From a bedroom to a college dorm room and from the kitchen to the living room, a combo TV will be a favorite for the perfect blend of simple design and excellent quality. Sears stocks TV DVD combos from trusted brands like RCA and Quantum FX, ensuring the television you choose will delight with immersive, lifelike images and fast response time. Shop Sears for a TV with a built-in DVD player, and feel the freedom of a simplified, space-saving setup.


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