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      Get spectacular color and detail with LCD TVs

      With a wide range of sizes and features available, there is an LCD TV for any home. Whether you're looking for a smart TV or a 3-D LCD TV, Sears has them all. No matter the size you choose, the quality of the image and crisp colors will be unbeatable. Connect a streaming media player and you'll be able to watch your favorite for hours.

      For a truly immersive viewing experience, 3-D LCD TVs are the way to go. They'll project the world of movies and shows with the help of a 3-D Blu-ray player. Sears carries 3-D TVs in a variety of sizes and resolutions so you can find the right fit to build an exciting home theater experience..

      The latest LCD HD TVs are capable of producing a truer spectrum of colors and reaching higher resolution rates. Sears has models with resolutions in 720p, 1080p and 4K ultra HD. Look at your viewing habits and favorite types of content to determine which one will work best. You can also find varying options in refresh rates, as well. With rates ranging up to 120Hz, you can find the right fit for your preferences when you watch movies or play video games. There are even TVs with features that adjust the picture rate based on the content being viewed. These LCD TVs will ensure that no matter what you're watching, it always looks great.


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