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      Get spectacular color and detail with LCD TVs from Sears

      Imagine watching your favorite movies on a sleek flat screen, with the same color and detail you enjoy at the theater from your home. Envision yourself playing your favorite video game and feeling immersed in the mission. Reminisce over home videos footage and relive the memories with lifelike reproduction. All it takes is a quality picture from an LCD TV, and Sears can set you up with one. Whether you're new to the flat-panel experience or you're upgrading your current equipment, Sears has LCD TVs that meet your needs from major and trusted brands.

      There are so many choices with today's LCD TVs, it can be challenging to know where to start. Sears' LCD TV selection ranges from top-of-the-line models like smart or 3-D TVs to those of a more basic function. LED TVs are simply the newest form of digital display, using energy-efficient, light-emitting diodes to illuminate the screen instead of older, cold-cathode fluorescent lamp lighting.

      If you're seeking a stunning home theater experience, Sears has 1080p LCD TVs that offer the greatest concentration of pixels for the highest resolution and, ultimately, the most detailed picture. A high-definition LED TV will deliver the sharpest contrast and most vibrant color available for your favorite shows and games. We also carry TV HDMI cables for clear digital connection between your LCD TV and HD audio/video components.

      Sears has 720p LCD TVs, too, with similar picture quality to their higher-resolution counterparts. You'll still get precision contrast, color and response time, but in a typically smaller package with a considerably lower price. These models are ideal for viewers who are new to HD programming, or for adding screens to other rooms. Mount them on a wall or stand them on your furniture; the slim profile and sleek appearance of flat-panel LCD TVs make them a versatile part of home or office decor. Hook up your TV receiver, DVD player, gaming system and other electronics with our S-video cables and audio connectors for realistic sights and sounds you'll love on your brand-new flat-screen.

      Perfect your entertainment center with a big-screen LCD TV or lend your office an impressive touch with an LCD TV that displays directly from your computer. Watch movies, play games or share videos in ways you've never experienced before, thanks to the HD clarity, the quality designs and the reliable brands you'll find when shopping for LCD TVs at Sears.


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