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      Get superior picture quality and save energy with a new LED TV from Sears

      Once you have the chance to see an HD LED TV screen in action, you'll never go back to an outdated television viewing experience. LED displays provide a picture with better blacks and whites and use less energy than other screens. You'll be able to judge the referee's call with more accuracy and see the night scenes in your favorite movie better with your LED TV. Imagine being able to spot every detail on the football field or see the color of the pinstripes in the character's suit while you watch your favorite TV show. Your family will simply find its new HD LED television to be a more satisfying viewing experience than watching programs on an older TV.

      Gone are the days of the bulky, heavy TV that took up too much real estate in your living room. When it comes to flat panel televisions, an LED HDTV will save you space and provide your family with endless opportunities for entertainment. You can even buy a TV that connects to the internet and stream the latest new releases with the click of your remote.

      Watching movies on DVD is great fun for the whole family on a 1080p LED TV screen. Your HD programs will look crisp and clear, and many LED TVs even allow for excellent 3D viewing, so make sure you have some 3D glasses on hand. Whether you pop a DVD of your child's favorite cartoons into your kitchen's under-cabinet TV DVD combo while you cook, or you love watching movies as you lounge before bed, a DVD player makes the perfect complement to your LED TV. You'll find your family asking much more often if you can all gather together to watch HD movies on your LED screen, so be sure to have plenty of popcorn in the cupboard.

      LED LCD TVs can have extremely slim screens, so they're great for mounting on the wall if you prefer that to the TV stand that comes with most units. With the right TV mount accessories, you'll be on your way to freeing up significant space in your home and optimizing your family's viewing experience at the same time. With all that space freed up in your cabinet or on your tabletop, you'll have extra storage space for books or family photos.

      When you're choosing your new HDTV, compare the picture quality and energy ratings to other types of TVs. We think you'll find the LED screens not only provide a superior viewing experience, but will potentially save energy compared to other types of displays. Sears has a wide selection of LED TVs from all the top brands. Shop today and find the perfect new television for your family.


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