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      Find the right plasma TV for your family and catch the latest movies and sports with the best picture available

      If you enjoy watching TV or movies in a darkened room for a true cinematic experience, you'll find plasma televisions to be an especially good match for your viewing needs. Plasma HDTVs perform very well with dark images, such as night scenes in a TV show, and offer a superior viewing experience in rooms that aren't brightly lit versus other types of televisions. Plasmas are great all-around TVs, too, whether you watch sports, news, sitcoms or movies. What could be better than gathering friends around your new TV for a game or your favorite sitcom?

      These days, it seems many people have a television in almost every room. Some families even own small portable TVs to take on the road or entertain the kids in the car. Television has become such a prominent part of American culture that people turn to it for news and entertainment like never before. Part of that is because TV technology has evolved to a point where watching movies at home on a plasma or projection TV can exceed the benefits of going to a crowded, expensive movie theater. Not only is it cheaper to rent a single movie for the whole family, but the amazing quality of a 1080p plasma TV picture is second to none. With fully equipped home theater systems, it's easy to feel like you're watching a game at a stadium, only the snacks are better and you can cheer on your team surrounded by 20 of your closest friends.

      When picking out a plasma TV, it's important to understand what else is on the market. The main competition to 1808p plasma models are liquid crystal display, LCD TVs. The type of TV you choose will depend on what you value most in a viewing experience. LCD TVs have the advantage when it comes to screen brightness. If you're setting up a TV in a dim environment where the viewer may be sitting far from the screen, like a sports bar or a patio theater, an LCD model may be the way to go. On the other hand, if rich colors are a priority, you'll want to stick with plasma. Colors will be more vivid and blacks will look darker on a plasma TV. In addition, plasma models tend to have better uniformity of brightness across the whole screen compared to LCD TVs. Your choice will depend on which factors are the most important to you.

      Once you've chosen the plasma television that is right for you, you'll want to connect it with your sound system, if you have one. Whether you decide to have a professional install your home theater system or you want to hook up the speaker cables yourself, you can create a picture and sound experience that is breathtaking for you and your family.

      Adding a plasma TV to your home will give you and your family the chance to enjoy your favorite programs, sports and movies in a way that an older television just can't provide. You'll love the experience your new plasma TV brings you. Browse the wide selection of televisions today at Sears and you'll find plenty of information to make the best choice for your family.


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