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      Enjoy superior colors with a new plasma TV

      Plasma TVs are an amazing TV for any type of content. Whether it's a favorite movie, sporting event or even video game, they'll handle everything with ease. The fast refresh rates and pixel response times help eliminate motion blur. This allows for a crisp picture in every single frame. HD plasma TVs are perfect to pair with a gaming console, as they will retain picture detail during fast-paced gameplay. Find the perfect plasma TV for everything you love to watch and play.

      When it comes to high-definition TVs, nothing can beat the color saturation you'll find with a plasma model. The ability to create deep black levels is also what allows a plasma HDTV to create accurate colors all across the spectrum. Another plus for plasma screens is their wide viewing angles. No matter where you set up the TV stand, everyone will have a great seat.

      If you enjoy the immersive experience of 3-D, then a 3-D plasma TV will envelop you in the world of the movie. To stream media from your favorite subscription services with the push of a button, smart plasma TVs enable you to connect to all the top streaming apps. Sears carries a wide selection of plasma TVs so you can watch, play and enjoy all your favorite media.


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