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When it's time to kick back and put up your feet, a projection TV will create the home theater experience you seek for your days of relaxation. From front-projection to rear-projection television configurations, You can choose from a varied selection of options to score you the entertainment setup of your dreams. When bigger is better, a smart projection television can offer the large display you desire in a sleek and slim wall-hanging design. Whether you prefer a self-contained, reflective rear-projection TV or a transmissive, front-projection display system, find the television on your wish list at Sears.

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Enjoy a home theater experience with a projection TV from Sears

Turn your living room into your own personal theater with a projection TV. Whether you're considering front-projection or rear-projection televisions, Sears offers the equipment you need. From DLP, LCD and LCOS front-projection configurations to self-contained rear-projection TVs, projection technology can create an impressive viewing experience. If you're seeking to partner a projector and screen, or if you prefer a self-contained, reflective projection television, our options will deliver an immersive experience. Enjoy brilliant colors and vivid viewing thanks to matte white and flat screen surfaces that are sure to display your favorite programming as it was meant to be viewed.

Consider an intelligent projector and screen setup if you want a large screen experience with a focus on incredible detail, making the most of your field of view. We offer projectors and projection screens that will work in harmony with your source and audio components to form a transmissive, front-projection TV display system. Choose this route when going big is your goal. You can place the projector on a table for easy adjustment and transportation from room to room. Mount the screen to the wall and the projector to the ceiling for a total space-saving, clutter-free setup that provides a large and in charge viewing size. Whether you're a movie buff or you simply love to fully engage your sense of sight, a front-projection TV is the way to go.

If you prefer a self-contained setup, a rear-projection TV holds a projector within the unit, eliminating the need for extras. Projection televisions are heralded for their large yet flat screens that allow you to get the size you desire while conserving space. Hang a projection TV on the wall, sit back, and enjoy theater style viewing right at home.

You can find fixed frame screens for use with 720p and 1080p projectors, providing excellent resolution. Find options with a black velvet surface and an aluminum frame, meant to produce crisper images and absorb light. Screens with matte white surfaces provide brilliant imaging, delivering realistic color and optimizing projector color palette. Pick a screen with enhanced flatness and a focus on lifelike color reproduction, ensuring an all-consuming experience that makes the most of your favorite movies, games and television programs. From projector TVs to combo TVs, Sears connects you with the technology that's right for your lifestyle.

Installation is simple, too, with designs that include sliding wall mounts for simpler adjustments and collapsible frames for easy transportation. Whether you're concerned with space, color, assembly or all of the above, Sears' varied selection of projection TVs will address the specs most important to you. From screens and projectors to self-contained projection TVs, we'll connect you with the components you need. Shop our selection of televisions from leading industry brands, and improve your everyday entertainment experience.


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