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Presentation is important. Whether you're delivering a report to the shareholders or simply having a movie party, you don't want to be caught in the dark when the bulb of your digital light projector goes out. Sears carries a wide section of replacement lamps and other projector accessories to keep the show going on. Make no mistake, projection screen technology goes beyond simply showing movies; it gives speakers a chance to entrance the audience with ideas that inform and inspire. A strong projector mount will also keep the unit secure to ensure a jitter-free display that you can be proud of.

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Proudly display your presentations with projector accessories from Sears

In addition to their portability, digital projectors have given people the means to deliver presentations and other forms of information and entertainment to large rooms of people more easily. From a business savings perspective, displaying slideshows or informative videos is significantly more cost effective than printing and handing out packets of paper; it's also more environmentally friendly. If a company has the facility to maintain a designated meeting room, a strategically placed projector mount on the ceiling can keep the equipment permanently ready for use at a moment's notice.

Films and slideshows have been popular methods for education and entertainment for decades. The previous need for multiple pieces of equipment to make these presentations, however, has been largely replaced by simple laptop computers and light projectors. New innovations in high definition technology have made the displays of these projectors clearer, brighter and capable of being seen easily from the back row of an auditorium. Unlike a big screen TV, digital projectors can make their images increasingly larger, even larger than typical flat panel televisions can display.

Today's technology truly lets you customize your AV audience's experience. Once you've decided whether a projection system is for you, or if a flat panel setup is the better way to go, you need to address the issue of where your screen will be. Does it need a particular type of mount? Will it have 3-D capabilities? If so, you should provide the appropriate glasses. Also consider the wiring that will deliver the best sound, as well as the video signals. Should you go with a DVI or HDM connection? That depends chiefly on your connection. In any case, there are various TV accessories available that will ensure the proper connection no matter where you ultimately decide to place your gear.

Flat panel, projection and smart TVs have changed the way the world watches television. More than simply a box to look at, these machines have gained a greater capacity for additional, and sometimes interactive, functions. Various adaptors will let you transmit signals from one room to another wirelessly while keyboards can allow you to surf the Internet. Assorted switches, connectors, signal amplifiers and splitters let you put the action where it needs to be. All these specialty TV accessories, and more, can maximize the modern TV's extra capabilities.

Many options currently exist for the strategic placement of your audiovisual equipment. Whatever type of technology best serves your needs brings with it options for upgrades and a demand for specialized care. Various TV accessories, such as projector ceiling mounts, also give you the ability to customize the look of both your home theater and office meeting place to sync with its function. Sears stocks a comprehensive selection of accessories for digital projectors and big screen TVs that will put any presentation in its best light.


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