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      Display all your media with a projector

      Whether you're starting your own business or creating your own home theatre, there is a projector perfect for the media you're projecting. Movie projectors will bring the silver screen to your living room, and let you and your family enjoy the big screen from the comfort of your own home. Sears carries a wide selection of HD projectors that will be able to handle whatever you need to project. Make sure you get a projector mount so the projector will be off the ground, out of the way and hit the screen at the right angle.

      Watching movies and playing video games with a projector will require advanced settings. Movie projectors are tuned to preserve the film quality, without over-saturating color or light. The same goes for video games. A video game projector will need to react quickly without losing picture quality. Most models come built with multiple input ports to support any type of device you'd like to connect. Enjoy your favorite media on the big screen.

      For an immersive projection experience, invest in a 3-D ready projector. These projectors will allow teachers to bring molecules and buildings of the past directly into the classroom. Standard presentations can be enhanced by making the work come to life into the room. The depth and picture quality will be sure to grab everyone's attention. Sears has all the projectors and accessories you need to project crystal clear images onto the big screen.


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